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Asha: Hope

Asha: Hope



12" x 12"

Acrylic & Silver Leaf on Canvas


This piece stems from my respect and love for Greta Thunberg.


While meditating on our root Muladhara (मूलधारा) chakra, I found myself dreaming about root systems, our ecosystems, and how they shape us, propel us. I am fascinated with root systems, edaphology, what lies beneath. What nourishes us, what sustains us, unseen, humble, pivotal.


The fragile beauty of our planet, her ability to regenerate, it gives me hope.


On a technical note, I adore large canvases. This piece, far smaller than my usual pieces, was an attempt to challenge myself. Can I bring the blending of color & my fascination for iridescent, metallic tones together with my love for organic meditative detail? Can I sit with my fear of climate change, and hold space for hope?


I look at her, and I think "though she be but little, she is fierce."


Just. Like. Greta.


(part of the proceeds from this piece go where-ever-the-heck Greta tells me to send them. because hope without action is just plum silly)


  • Shipping & Handling

    Buyers  in DMV can pick up the painting; Shipping and Handling outside the DMV are paid by buyer

  • Interested?

    Prices available upon request

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