Manju is a forever novice. 

 Born in India, Manju brings the wonder, skepticism, and gratitude of an outsider immigrant to her work. 

Her pieces stand at the intersection of science and spirituality, approaching socio-economic experience and political perspective with vulnerability and emotion. 


An acrylic, kintsugi and glass artist, Manju's personal journey as a diplomat and yoga teacher inform her explorations of feminine divinity, resistance, joy and empowerment. 

Manju's use of bright, bold, assertive color is a protest against binaries.  In a world that urges us to self define in black and white, she uses vibrance to push back. 


Featured in several national exhibits, including the “Best of Women” show in 2022, Manju’s work is part of private collections in London, Dubai, Erbil, and Washington D.C.