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Manju's yoga practice is grounded in a desire for equity, justice, emotional and mental well-being. She brings a spirit of play, body positivity and radical self-love to classes. 

Manju invites you to consider yoga as a tool to recharge, resist and rebel.

Manju has a long, amusing, and often fraught relationship with yogaBorn in India to a yoga teacher mother, Manju came to her yoga practice fashionably late. Although she attended intensive yoga classes as a child and teenager at the oldest yoga institute in India, it was not exactly love at first sight.  


Manju  teaches Kundalini and Nidra at Lighthouse Yoga.​   A Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, she completed her first yoga teacher training with aspiring teachers from across the planet. Being one of three Americans within a global training program with Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Italian, Lebanese, Nicaraguan, Palestinian, Saudi Arabian, and South African colleagues made her scrutinize her own practice through a social justice lens. 


Manju resists the problematic cultural appropriation surrounding yoga by resisting cult-of-personality guru traditions. She is committed to authenticity in the studio and connects deeply with the feminist Advaita philosophical foundations of yoga. She relishes creating a safe space for all using pranayam, color, naad, and mantra in her classes.

Check out her upcoming Kundalini offerings at Lighthouse Yoga.

To schedule a private session  with Manju, reach out here.

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