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Anunaad: The Resonance of George Perry Floyd

Anunaad: The Resonance of George Perry Floyd


48" x 48"

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas

(completed mid-July, 2020)


Anunaad is resonance, sonority, echo.  Like a ripple, like tree rings, which record, which push.


This piece is a meditation of the  life and resonance of George Perry Floyd, Jr.,  The colors are the fire of rebirth, of dynamism, of security. This piece is an attempt to channel fear, rage, noise into flow, action, harmony.


Anunad is galvanizing, asking where we put our energy and challenging our deas of safety and stability.


The colors are representative of the the muladhara, the sacral chakra, the manipura.  The I am, I feel, I do.  The colors are dawn, they are the fire of rebirth, of new beginnings.  It is a moment of leaping, of risking, of embarking.


This is a meditation on resonance of a life, the unbound impact.  The echo of a life - seismic, organic, uneven, open to interpretation. 


(portion of proceeds from this piece go to

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    Buyers  in DMV can pick up the painting; Shipping and Handling outside the DMV are paid by buyer

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