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  • Manju Sadarangani

Alagaav - Behind the Commission

Updated: Oct 2, 2022



36 " x 36"

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas

Completed on June 22, 2020

As artists, as human beings, we don’t live in a vacuum. When a client reached out to me about a commission, I was honest and vulnerable about my emotional reaction to everything happening around m. We talked and we both knew we wanted to capture this moment.

Alagaav/अलगाव is a loaded term; depending on context, it could mean solution, distance, isolation, succession, segregation.

Like every commission, this one is deeply personal. This piece attempts to capture the perspective, the distance my beautiful client is trained to have given her chosen career, her inherent positivity and resilience, and her energy and desire as a woman of color. The green was entirely her vision - I certainly wasn’t residing in my heart chakra, until my client's optimism and my Kundalini practice with lighthouse yoga center brought me here.

Isn’t it such beautiful serendipity, what creation wrought?

(a portion of proceeds from this piece is going to Color of Change)

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