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  • Manju Sadarangani

Ahista II

Ahista II: Slow


24” x 24” Framed

Acrylic on Canvas

Ahista is slow. This piece is a reminder to trust the timing of your journey, trusting in your wisdom to drown out the unnecessary noise.

For this piece, I used pinks and reds. Pink is most definitely outside my comfort zone. This piece has layers of newsprint (yes! That extinct material!) and medium.

The leaves are Bodhi leaves, the leaves of the peepul tree, the ficus religiousa. This is the tree the Buddha sat under when he was enlightened. There is so much lore and wisdom in these trees, which are found all over South Asia.

This piece serves as a reminder to go slow, to find time for compassion for yourself. To trust in your journey to wisdom, drowning out the endless input of the quotidian world.

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