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Thoughts & Prayers IV

Thoughts & Prayers IV

Thoughts & Prayers IV

Mixed Media on Wood

8” x 8”


Thoughts & Prayers: A Meditation


This is a series is about frustration. This is a series about hope. This is about the conversations that come to a grinding halt in the United States. This series is about the things we ignore until they come for us. Healthcare. School Shootings. Opioid Addiction. Abortion. Trans Rights. Political Gridlock. Bank Bailouts. Police Shootings. Misinformation. Climate Change.


This series is about the illusion of control. And then one day, things you take for granted just flip and your sense of safety is shattered.


This is a series about what you choose to fix, and what you choose to ignore. About acknowledging helplessness. And choosing action.


This series is a meditation looking past binaries, to hold space for what matters over time. This series is about love.

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    Prices available upon request.

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    Buyers in the DMV can pick up the piece; Shipping and Handling outside the DMV are paid by buyer.

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