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20" x 20"

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas


For W, who brought me back to life



This piece was commissioned by a perceptive, wonderful, bright, kind, six-year old.  My youngest patron.  Creating a piece for this marvelous little person brought me back to life.


If you’re seeing self-doubt burst into joy, you are right.  If you’re seeing a longing for mountains and hidden valleys, you are right.  If you’re seeing elements of Nicholas Roerich, you are right.  If you’re seeing a magical hidden kingdom, a place to gather your tribe, to whirl, to spin, to dream, you are bang-on.  That is what I wanted to give my young client.


The purples, golds, reds, pinks, oranges are expressions of rebellion and joy.  They are expressions of being made aware of standing out, of being different, of self-doubt, and embracing joy nevertheless.  The dark used to terrify me as a child, so I used metallics and iridescent to glow in semi-darkness.  This is me projecting – my patron is braver than I ever was, but I am hoping this piece serves as a comforting night glow, to pour into dawn.

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