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  • Manju Sadarangani

Hard Knock Life

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Hard Knock Life

12” x 12”

Mixed Media on Canvas (Framed)

(Limited Edition Knowles China Plate from the Private Collection of Gillian


May 2022

This limited-edition Knowles plate commemorates the 1980s movie version of

Annie. Usually, I stick to gold lead for my classic Kintsugi pieces. But this piece was

different. Instead of using gold to join, I chose red. Here you see the traditional red

Japanese lacquer, accentuated with a vein of red metallic leaf.

This piece is a little Rorschach test. Some saw the little orphan Annie joyfully

holding a balloon, others saw orphanages full of children if Roe was being undone,

some saw women’s bodies being torn asunder, others saw the heartbreak of a child

being separated from unconditional love.

I love that about this piece. I love that we all see different things when we look at it.

It’s a hard knock life for all of us.

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