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  • Manju Sadarangani

Anusmaran V

Anusmaran V

अनुस्मरण V

6" x 6”

Mixed Media on Canvas

December 2022

Price $71

This series of miniatures is a meditation on memory.

This is piece is an homage to gratitude. I have taken memory for granted, thinking of mine as a static treasure trove I could mine at anytime. Others have seen my intense memory as a curse, tied to an inability to forgive, to let go. As my own memory shifts, I find myself straddling both worlds. I am shaken by the movement of stable memories, the glaring sense of my mind’s fallibility. And yet, I am grateful for the shift in perspective.

In this piece, I played with a floral motif. I adore chrysanthemums, their mixed symbolism as heralds of death, of royal power, of autumn. Chrysanthemum blooms are fascinating, holding back secrets, slow to be open and be vulnerable. The movement and texture in this series indicates a loss of control, a lack of statis, and the necessary discomfort on the road to realization.

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