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  • Manju Sadarangani





12" x 12"

Acrylic & Gold Leaf on Canvas

Akshikoop is axis, orbit, nexus. This piece is a meditation on control.

A few weeks ago, I look at my child’s pensive face reflected in the mirror. There is a little crease in her itty-bitty little forehead. I asked her what she was thinking about. “Did you know that by the year 2050, there will as many pieces of plastic in the oceans as there are fish? And if we don’t clean up, our planet will stop looking blue and green from space..” she trailed off.

This painting is a meditation on control, on beauty, on anxiety, on gratitude, on guilt. The anxiety and guilt from not doing enough, being overwhelmed, knowing that we are part of the problem. Trying to reframe challenges with humility. Mourning the passage of beauty. Hoping for a miracle. Contemplating what is within our sphere of control. Gratitude for the present. Gratitude for breath.

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