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  • Manju Sadarangani


Aadhar: Foundation


11” x 14”

Mixed Media on Canvas


Aadhar is foundation, base. As I inch along my COVID recovery, I become ever more grateful for my yoga and meditation practice. I find a lot of the things that the medical establishment recommends in recovery involve the type of breathing and balance we all focus on during our yoga practice.

For those of you who have taken classes with me (or heard my opinions on how most yoga is practiced in the United States) you know that my approach to yoga tends to be spiritual, philosophical. I am by no means a power yogi. For me, yoga is a place of building resilience, a place to process, a place to yoke together reality and aspiration.

I recognize that my meditation practice is the foundation of the resilience I have found in myself. It has also allowed me to process vulnerability. This piece tries to capture the void, vacuum, the acute knowledge of something lost, a sense of shift. It incorporates much texture to signify change and chaos, coupled with a desire for calm, a place for hope.

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