manju is a yoga sceptic.

Born in India to a Yoga teacher mother, Manju came to her Yoga practice fashionably late. Although she attended intensive Yoga classes as a child and teenager at the oldest Yoga insititute in India, it was not exactly love at first sight. Manju has a long, amusing, and often fraught relationship with Yoga. She took her first Kundalini clss in the United States by complete accident in 2019, and has been hooked ever since. Manju practice Kundalini Yoga at Lighthouse


Yoga in DC, where she now teaches. 

In 2021, Manju completed her Kundalini Yoga Level 1 Teacher Training with aspiring teachers from across the planet, the first global KRI program of its kind. Being one of three Americns within a global training program with Bangladeshi, Egyptian, Italian, Lebanese, Nicaraguan, Palestinian, Saudi Arabian, and South African colleagues heightened Manju's awareness of her own privilege, and allowed her  to scrutinize her own practice through a social justice lens. Her Kundalini Yoga practice is grounded in a desire for equity, justice, emotional and mental well-being. She believes in channeling Yoga as a tool to connect with her conscience and express gratitude for the body's ability to heal.

As a Yoga teacher, Manju believes in bringing a spirit of play, body positivity and radical self-love to her classes. Describing herself as a perpetual novice, she centeres curiosity and brings her creativity as a visual artist to her practice. She enjoys sharing joy, color, naad and mantras in herpractice. She resists the problematic cultural appropriation surrounding Yoga by committing to authenticity in the studio. Manju invites you to consider Yoga as a tool to recharge, resist and rebel.


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